I couldn’t see Martin’s face. He was just a little blob on the pavement waiting for a bigger blob to land by his feet. That was really wonderful to see what he had done on the other end of that phone conversation. I could hear, we were wired so we could hear each other speak in real time. So I could hear him but to see it was really really moving and seeing him in shock afterwards…it’s ridiculous but it actually made me cry.

Benedict Cumberbatch on the ending of The Reichenbach Fall.

You can now read my report of the event which is made up of some extensive quotes from Benedict from the talk here.

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I needed some Ella on my dash since it seems that she is always left out of women of Sherlock posts. And after the series we just had, I feel like it’d be really good for John to have someone back in his life that is actually trying to help him instead of “helping” via manipulation. Because while he may miss the danger of war, if indulging that addiction leads to the point where John believes he is responsible for the psychopaths in his life (and that he deserves to be surrounded by them), then it is time to go back to therapy.